Product description

DATASAFE envelopes are a simple way to protect your money

In the recent years we have been witnessing the theft of funds more and more often. It usually happens in public transport, crowded public places, shopping centers, mass events, and even during ordinary walks. This is when money from our credit cards is stolen most often and in the least expected moments. There is a very simple and effective safety measure to prevent this type of theft. It is enough to put the card in a DATASAFE envelope without a flap made of special paper containing a layer of aluminum foil, which completely blocks the radio frequency of 13,56 MHz, making it impossible to read our data and thus finalize the theft.

DATASAFE overprint and construction

Paper is perfect for high-quality and durable overprints. Both with one chosen color and complex multicolored CMYK prints, on parts or on the whole area of a paper pocket. The minimum order is 5 000 pieces. Packing: you can choose small boxes per 1 000 pieces or large boxes per 2 000.

Envelopes, in addition to protection against unwanted scanning, are very resistant to rubbing and tearing. In tests carried out by Ecobag Network DATASAFE envelopes were used intensively by young users, used until the print was significantly wiped off. It took 1 to 2 years. It is worth noting that after this period, the envelopes still blocked the RFID scanner signal.

The design allows you to easily insert and take out the cards as well as insert and remove a secured card from the wallet compartment. You will insert 1 card into DATASAFE. Thanks to the standardization of the dimensions of the payment card, the 57 × 87 mm format of our pockets is universal and perfectly suited to any payment, credit, or debit card.

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