Product description

roll printer– roll overprints for FLEXO rolls on ribbons of paper

– printing service – manufacturing semi-finished products for producers

Attention! Due to the large number of orders Ecobag Network suspends the provision of the service for roll printing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

At the front of the machine, we place a roll of paper. Inside the machine, we print with water-based flexographic inks using polymers. We wind the printed paper at the end of the machine. We will print on the provided paper or on our own.

DR 1000 printer capabilities:

  • minimum order of 20 000 meters of paper;
  • maximum width of the paper 1000 mm;
  • 1-5 Pantone flexo colors;
  • mismatched print;
  • paper grammage 70 -120g/m²;
  • printing on 980 mm wide paper ribbon;
  • reports in mm (printer report/length of use/diameter of the printing roller together with the polymer): reports held: 290 mm, 395 mm, 452 mm, 496 mm, 546 mm; others possible on request – for orders minimum 30 000 meters of paper.

DR 1400 printer capabilities:

  • minimum order of 10 000 meters;
  • maximum width of the paper 1400 mm!;
  • 1-3 Pantone flexo colors;
  • mismatched print;
  •  paper grammage 60 -120g/m²;
  • printing on the whole width of the paper ribbon;
  • reports in mm (printer report/length of use/diameter of the printing roller together with the polymer). Reports possible to be made for special order in black [mm];

Owned accessories in green [mm]:

400 500 600 700 800
410 510 610 710
420 520 620 720
430 530 630 730
340 440 540 640 740
350 450 550 650 750
360 460 560 660 760
370 470 570 670 770
380 480 580 680 780
390 490 590 690 790

Roll printing house

Our services are distinguished by a comprehensive, professional approach, which is the result of many years of experience. The roll printing house is a proposal for customers looking for cooperation in connection with the production of flexo prints. The equipment we own allows us to make prints characterized by vivid, rich, saturated colors. The effects of our work are permanent and resistant to many unfavorable factors. You decide on the parameters, choosing the basis grammage and width of the paper. We can offer our own paper or use the one provided by your company.

The use of flexo in product labelling applies to many industries, which is why we draw experience from cooperation with companies with both smaller and larger scale of operations. The roller printing house is adapted to work at the highest speed, and the equipment itself is regularly inspected in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Just remember about the minimal order-10 000 meters for the DR 1400 printer and 20 000 meters for the DR 1000 printer.

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