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OFFSET Ecobag Network Printing House

If you are looking for a professional offset printing house – sheet to sheet – you’ve come to the right place! The minimum order for single and double-sided printing 5 000 Plano sheets (net pieces). We have full-format Heidelberg printers. Machines fulfil our needs by producing prints, e.g. on envelopes, paper bags, catalogues, leaflets and plastic folders/product inserts, but also by printing semi-finished products for manufacturers of other printing products.

We can print with 1 to 5 Pantone or CMYK colors. On request, we cover products with varnish selectively or the entire sheet. We print on sizes from A2 430 × 610 mm to B1 700 × 1000 mm (rarely, but minimal sheet used is B4 350 × 500 mm) on papers from 70 g/m² to cardboards 450 g/m².

We use standard and dedicated paints with special components. We mix Pantone paints in our offset ink mixing plant and order from the best suppliers. In addition to popular Pantone and CMYK, we also offer gold, silver, metallic and fluorescent prints.

We print from ready-made projects, the DTP graphics department adjusts print-quality projects to the machine park and assembles files for printing from scratch from the materials sent (materials-in curves or with a resolution of at least 300 dpi – we do not offer creative graphics services).

We also have offset platesetter for our production, as well as for use by the local printing houses! As you can see, everything takes place under one roof -which is rare and gives us the first place in the ranking of Polish offset printing houses!


You do not need to know all the parameters – send us a ready project or the most detailed description of your idea, and we will price it and provide a deadline for completion.

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