On 1.01.2014 Ecobag Network Sp. z o. o. bought and absorbed Qseven into the organizational structure. The investment made significantly increased the production capacity in the field of bags. It also opened the possibility of competing on the high-quality prints market.

Through the purchase of Qseven, Ecobag Network has gained: business contacts, know-how in the production of printing, qualified staff, printing machinery park as well as the production and printing of envelopes and production halls with office rooms.

Qseven Sp. J. was established in 2004 to produce envelopes. Over time, the company specialized in printing on envelopes and the production of high-quality polygraphic materials.

The management of Ecobag Network would like to thank all new employees who have been employed in the Ecobag Network, after the acquisition of Qseven, for their understanding and openness. The management hopes that the acclimatization in the new enterprise will proceed smoothly and wishes success and self-fulfillment in the new workplace.