The “create and learn” project was created in December 2017, initiating a series of educational and artistic workshops for children and youth. The idea of ​​action is thinking about young people, enabling them to shape their character and discover their own abilities. Combining fun, work and study. The workshop is organized by the Ecobag Network company.

The overall goal of the project is to develop the creativity and interests of children and youth by deepening their knowledge in various areas. On the other hand, creativity is an excuse to get to know and explore the surrounding world as naturally as possible. The initiative also has a promotional character of the company and young people and their skills.

Workshops are not only fun, but above all encourage joint creativity, experimenting, experiencing, learning and acquiring knowledge. They broaden the imagination and manual skills through color, texture and shape. They also develop logical thinking, giving young people the opportunity to independently decide on the course of the creative process and actively participate in it from beginning to end.

Multicolor prints are made using the new DIGITAL technology, designed for 50 – 5,000 items